Orca Uprising

A product of the fertile and prolific free-improvisation scene in New York City. With venues not always eager to host free improv, various musicians on the scene have taken inspiration from the 1970s loft scene, on a smaller scale, by putting on regular house concerts. The most famous of the current series is Andrew Drury’s Soup and Sound; Aron Namenwirth’s series Aron’s Place is not far behind. (Both deep in the heart of Brooklyn, which is more freewheeling than Manhattan at this point.)
NYC free-jazz eminence grise Dave Sewelson (Microscopic Septet, various William Parker groups) and ESP-Disk’ manager Steve Holtje (Caterpillar Quartet, This Humidity) put together this quartet, with Dave bringing in Stephen Moses (Alice Donut, Voltaire) and Holtje calling on frequent bandmate Jochem van Dijk. The results are here in the order they happened.


Dave Sewelson, baritone saxophone
Stephen Moses, drums
Jochem van Dijk, electric bass
Steve Holtje, electric keyboard
Recorded February 25, 2023 at Aron’s Place by Aron Namenwirth
All tracks freely improvised by the group
Art and design by Izalia Roncallo