Orcas Uprising, Oct 23, 2023 Araon’s Place
Dave Sewelson (bs), Stephen Moses (d), Steve Holtje (kb)

Bushwick Improv Series at Busiwick Public House 4/22/2022
Playing compositions (mosyly mine)
Ayumi Ishito (ts, effects), Ken Kobayashi (d), JvD

Dec 17, 2021 – Another rare ‘mainstream’ outing with the Dutch Kettingband at-home recording cooperative, headed by old friend Alexander Broussard. This a lovely tune by then-housemate Chris Rael. I love this one, with I also arranged/produced and mixed/mastered (with Chris & Alexander).

Music & lyrics: Chris Rael
Producer: Alexander Broussard, Jochem van Dijk & Chris Rael
Lead Vocals: Hiske Oosterwijk
Backing Vocals: Monique de Bruin
Drums: Wieger Dijkstra
Bass: Jochem van Dijk
Guitar: Johnny Eijkelhof
Keys: Alexander Broussard
Autoharp: Chris Rael
Trumpet: Martien van Laarhoven
Bluesharp: Wim Visser
Mix & mastering: Jochem van Dijk
Video editing: Wim Visser

Improvisation Series at iBeam, April 24, 2021, Brooklyn, NY Ayumi Ishito (ts, effects), Ken Kobayashi (d), JvD

A rare (for me) mainstream outing, as part of a cool Dutch from-home COVID recording project, in the middle of those days when noone knew what was going to happen. June 28, 2020

Composer: Bas Bons
Lyricist: Monica Menura & Bas Bons
Producer: Alexander Broussard
Lead Vocal: Marlies Claasen
Backing Vocal: Monique van der Ster
Drums: Bouke Schaap
Bass: Jochem van Dijk
Guitar: Johnny Eijkelhof
Keys: Remco Engels
Piano: Bas Bons
Mix: Stephen Huizen
Master: Alexander Broussard
Video Editing: Sebastiaan van Putten

iBeam, 6/22/2019 Chris Forbes (p), Ken Kobayashi (d) Jvd

Fay Victor (voice), Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar, effects), Jan 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Evan Gallagher (Casio), Yasuno Katsuki (Euphonium), Dave Gould (drums), Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar) – Freddie’s Bar and Backroom, Brooklyn, May 26, 2016

Claire DeBrunner (bassoon), Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar, effects)-Spectrum, NYC, 18 Oct 2012