Paul Anka Moments

The original Paul Anka Moment happened when a Danish fiend of ours pointed out the street sign in Kopenhagen for the Paul Anka Gade, and innocently asked his American wife “Do you know who Paul Anka is?”

You know the type and I am one of them.

So this here is the place for my own Paul Anka Moments, where I plan to bother you with various issues that hold my interest, and very well might not hold yours…..enjoy?!?

Such as:
Socialism, which has nothing to do with government, big or small. So why…?

Zwarte Piet, who may show us why so many well-intended people keep Dixie close to their hearts

Circus Music, as collective improvisation from the underbelly of the Old World

Dual Nationality, which would would work great for me, but, quite honestly, I do not believe in.