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Fay Victor (voice), with Aruan Ortiz (piano), Marvin Sewell (g), Jason Nazary (d), Jochem van Dijk (b) - July 28th, 2016, 55 Bar


Playlist has the following ensembles:

  • Solo – Jochem van Dijk – bass guitar and effects
  • Evan Gallagher (Casio, piano), Yasuno Katsuki (Euphonium, bass trombone), Dave Gould (drums, percussion), Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar)
  • Connie Crothers(piano) & Jochem van Dijk (fretless bass)
  • Ji Park (cello, effects) & Jochem van Dijk (bass & effects)
  • Kay Boyle Trio (Yasuno Katsuki, Dave Gould, Jochem van Dijk)
  • Jochem van Dijk and Rapahel Malfielt, unamplified bass guitars
  • The Amorous 3 (Evan Gallagher, piano, JvD bass, DAve Gould drums
  • KGDG – The Amorous 3 with Ayako Kanda (voice)


Neighborhood Dynamics, a suite composed by Jochem van Dijk and Fay Victor, premiered April 2014, Roulette Brooklyn. Fay Victor (voice), Vincent Chancey (French Horn), Nicole Mitchell (flute), Anders Nilsson (g), Ken Foliano (b)