Martin Keith basses

Over the years I’ve enjoyed many nice instruments, and while part of the fun is to work with their limitations, it wasn’t till I got in touch with Martin Keith that i found a builder whose basic design ideas captured everything i looked for in an instrument. Martin’s basses have their own sound going, and I like that – if you want a P bass, go get a P-bass there’s a million options for that.

As tools go to express myself with freely, Martin’s basses not only take me everywhere and beyond, they challenge me in ways that actually has made me a better musician.

I also really appreciate that Martin is local, and when I purchase a bass from him, I pay the person who actually makes the bass the full price of the instrument – that seems to me way more justified than paying the same amount for some ‘brand name’ instrument built by someone whose set wages, which they have no control over, have zero relationship with the value of the product coming out of their hands.

If you are looking to get an amazing bass built, do yourself a favour and seek out Martin Keith to see what he can do for you – he is great to work with, and I am happy to endorse his instruments and call him a friend.