Hard Machine

Hard machine is a tune from the same session that spawned the full length Threads record, and is not on the album. This release is digital only.

“I’m listening to Caterpillar Quartet & it is blowing my mind. Four seasoned improvisors with the taste & command to patiently coax a musical notion to its fullest flower. Their new disc Threads embraces a spectrum of moods & tones, applying both muscle & finesse as needed. Recorded live at Ibeam in Brooklyn, it’s an elegant piece of work, a journey I look forward to repeating many times.”
-Chris Rael, Church of Betty


Ken Kobayashi: drums
Henry Raker: alto sax
Steve Holtje: Piano, synthesizer
Jochem van Dijk: bass guitar, effects

Recorded at Ibeam in Brooklyn, NY on January 6, 2019 by Jochem van Dijk

Mixed by Jochem van Dijk

Co-produced by van Dijk and Holtje

Cover art by Kenichi Nakajima

©2020 Greene Avenue Music