New eras…

Fay and I moved from Brooklyn to the Catskills in April 2023, and my time since September 2022 got pretty much all used up between buying a house(!), moving to the country from the city, undertaking a massive house renovation, and work. Now in 2024, it is finally time to emerge again musically and start making some waves in my new community!

While performance has been scarce, a lot of recording was done during and after the pandemic, and we are preparing at least 3 new albums for Summer release:

  • A great album with MAribel Alonso, recorded in ’22 at Looking Glass Studios, with 10 compositions for Bassoon and BAss Guitar, by 9 different composers
  • A lovely session with Ayako Kanda and Ayumi Ishito, recorded May 6, 2023 in Williamsburg
  • Starting work on a large batch of recordings with Dave Gould and Evan Gallagher with various added musicians, with to come first, a great session with Ayako kanda, Evan and Dave from sometime in 2018