Gigs in the Fall

Sept 30th/ABC No RIO – Oct 23rd/OTWO, Freddies Bar
with Evan Gallagher’s Mess-Ensemble

I am a big fan of Evan’s music; the parts he writes are just fantastic. Now If I just could play them properly. Oh well.
Combustible sonic adventures for usually > 10 musicians.

Oct 13th-Air Space
121 Ludlow St, 2nd Floor
8PM (see flyer)

Air Space is a duo for bass/oon and bass/guitar, which finds an equilibrium in a shared passion for outbound improvisation and assorted maverick American tone poets.
I for one, am positively spiked to play with the abundantly toneful Ms. De Brunner.

Dec 2-Stairway to Nowhere

If the sessions sofar have been any indication, this new trio with Ras Moshe (reeds) and Ken Kobayashi (drums) and myself (bass guitar & effects) is going to be massive fun.