Gig at Freddy’s bar, Feb 28

Feb 28
8:30 PM
Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
627 5th Ave between 17th & 18th St.
Brooklyn NY 11215
Phone: 718-768-0131

I am very psyched about this….that is a killer band, people!
“Snelbinder (Dutchman Jochem van Dijk, who until now you only could have known as a composer and arranger for and with vocalist Fay Victor) has brought together a select group of musicians into a freely improvising unit that blends accidental counterpoint, a propensity for less-than-equally-tempered pitches and maybe the occasional noise outburst. The group is called Snelbinder 5, and the music sounds like…. .uhh…. why don’t you come to the gig and tell us!”

Snelbinder 5
Sarah Bernstein – violin
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon
Keith Lewis – voice
Ken Kobayashi – drums
Snelbinder – fretless bass guitar